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We design services tailored to your needs.

Intelligent information management that adds value to your processes.

About us

Service Orientation, Experience, Innovation and Technology.


We specialize in the outsourcing of business processes by means of a model of intelligent information management and excellent service which over the past 20 years has allowed us to deliver comprehensive solutions to our more than 2.000 clients in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico.


•    Mission: We outsource business processes by identifying needs and adding value by means of information intelligence.
•    Vision: To be internationally recognized as a strategic partner that provides comprehensive solutions and creates new possibilities of success for its clients.
•    The values that define us are Commitment, Service Orientation, Humility, Teamwork, Excellence, Happiness and Respect.

Chile Perú Ecuador Colombia Panama Costa Rica México

Operación en

7 Países

Más de 20 años de


Más de 2.000 Clientes.

Chile Perú Ecuador Colombia Panama Costa Rica México

Operación en

7 Países

Más de 20 años de


Más de 2.000 Clientes.



We help you simplify your management.


  • Back Office
  • Front Office
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Special Projects
  • Legal Tax Advice
  • Corporate Legal Advice
  • Remuneration
  • Labor Code Advice
  • Training
  • Recruiting & Headhunting
  • HR Consulting
  • Electronic Process Management (BPM)
  • Electronic Document Management
  • SAP Business One
  • Meta 4
  • Business Intelligence (BI)


The business area is oriented towards the effective and timely delivery of financial and accounting information. Management reports constitute a vital support tool for decision-making processes, which allow you to effectively measure the administrative processes of your business. Our multidisciplinary team of experts offers a wide range of accounting, legal, tax and advisory solutions.

Special Projects

a. Accounting Reconstitution

b. Regularization and Analysis of Accounts

c. Inventory and Valuation of Fixed Assets

d. Stock Inventory

e. Document Counting

f. Valuation of Financial Instruments

g. Preparation of Reports for Auditing Institutions (SVS, SAFP, SIBF)

h. Real Estate Valuation

i. Professional Staff to Support Internal Processes


a. Auditing of Financial Statements

b. IFRS Adoption

c. Due Diligence

d. Corporate Restructuring

e. Auditing of Processes

Legal Tax Advice

a. National and International Tax Consulting and Auditing

b. Legal Reports on Tax, Commercial, and Civil Matters

c. Transfer Prices

d. Tax Recovery, Financing and Profit Sharing Strategies

e. Business Structuring, Reorganization of Business, Personal, and Family Assets

f. Advice on Special Measures and FUT (Income Tax Fund)

g. Due Diligence, Review of Business Mergers and Acquisitions

h. Individual Tax Advice

i. Double Taxation Agreements

j. Representation Before the IRS and Courts of Justice

Corporate Legal Advice

a. Due Diligence

b. Maintenance of Legal Records

c. Drafting of Contracts

d. Corporate Advice

e. Contracts

f. Establishment and Modification of Companies

g. Corporate Registry

h. Title Review

i. Legal Representation for International Businesses


a. Financial Statements

b. Management Reports

c. ASP (Application Service Provider)

d. Tax Returns

e. Income Statements

f. Account Analysis

g. Maintenance of Legal Records

h. Tax Affidavits

i. Document Capture and Processing

j. Municipal Licenses


a. General Rol

b. Private Rol

c. SMEs

d. ASP (Application Service Provider)

e. Special Projects (Labor Code, Social Security, Documentation)

Labor Code Advice

a. Labor and Social Security Advice

b. Advice on Individual and Collective Labor Agreements

c. Advice on Collective Bargaining Processes

d. Advice on Business Reorganizations

e. Advice on Business Purchasing and Procurement

f. Labor Audits

g. Labor Audits

h. Legal Defense

i. Work-Related Accidents

j. Due Diligence


We design and implement training programs based on accurate diagnoses, by applying successfully proven methodologies and by effectively supporting the transfer and tracking of results. The effectiveness of our programs stems from the vast experience of our team of consultants.

Recruiting & Headhunting

We advise our clients in order to help them find the best professionals in the market, who will make use of their knowledge, skills and experience, to add value to your business. We make use of methodologies that are tailored to each specific process, and a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in recruitment who have worked in various processes for major companies.

HR Consulting

We support our clients in implementing HR strategies by managing effective change by means of various methods of intervention; and by facilitating a better use of the internal capabilities of the organization, therein increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of their processes, establishing the development of an organizational culture, among other activities.

Front Office

a. Sales Processes

b. Contact Center

c. Specialized Services for the Health Sector

Back Office

a. Revenue Assurance

b. Logistics Management and Distribution

c. Contract Management (Visas)

d. Document Management

e. Administrative and Operational Procedures

f. Development of Monitoring Tools

g. Collections Processes

h. Payments to Providers and Suppliers

i. Refund Management

j. Document Certification

k. Sales Certification

l. Strategic Advice on Processes

m. Specialized Services for the Health Sector

Electronic Process Management (BPM)

We provide support for your transactional processes, empowering users without the need for lengthy and costly IT developments and investments in infrastructure. We provide fast, efficient, modern and flexible solutions in areas including:

a. Operations

b. HR

c. Sales

d. Finance

e. Welfare

Platform with the following characteristics:

a. Electronic forms

b. Flow Design

c. Web Portal Services

d. Integration mechanisms (Web services, digital signatures, barcodes, OCR, scanning, etc.)

Electronic Document Management

Convert paper documents into valuable and easily accessible electronic information. Digitalize all your processes and documents. Specific solutions for areas such as:

a. HR

b. Clients

c. Suppliers

d. Contracts

e. Beneficiaries

f. Contributors

g. Subscribers

Platform with the following characteristics:

a. Digital document management

b. Organization of document structures

c. Intelligent document searching

d. Profiling and restricting of access to documents

SAP Business One

We offer services using cloud-based SAP Business One, applicable to all types of companies and any of their business processes, without need for licenses or servers. Specific solutions for particular processes that are fully integrated with SAP Business One include:

a. Vertical solutions, for example, for the retail industry.

b. Horizontal solutions, to address HR-related issues.

Meta 4

The cloud-based Meta 4 platform delivers everything needed to simplify your settlements processes, without having to invest in additional software or hardware.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Next-generation BI at your disposal without having to invest in consultants and programmers. We deliver online web-based reporting of information analysis to our customers, providing an increased awareness of your business and the business environment, thus allowing you to make better decisions in a timely manner. Platform with the following characteristics:

a. Dynamic management reports

b. Integration with operational systems

c. Profiling for access to information

d. Dashboard, statistics, traffic lights and trends

Business Process

Flexibility in business is a key tool for success. The integration of modules that make up the area of Business Processes creates the perfect blend of specialized human resources, technological innovation and individual support systems for operations control and management. Our team of professionals aims to capture, review and report all stages of Internet documentation validation that are critical for companies. We focus our service on three key concepts: Quality in processes together with optimization in terms of time, flexibility regarding customer requests and online management information.

Services Platform

Large investments of time and money on development, licensing and servers have ceased to be a priority when it comes to accessing cutting edge technology for business processes. Siglo BPO operates by providing to its clients innovative service platforms specially designed to suit your needs based on the nature of your own business processes..

Human Resources

A team of highly trained professionals, who aim to manage the most valuable assets for any organization: its employees. By using cutting edge technology and world-class software, we have access to timely and quality information, which allows us to efficiently manage salary payment processes and personnel administration. Also, our vast experience in the field of HR consulting gives us the ability to design programs according to the needs of our customers, with a view to closing gaps between strategic planning and individual performance..




Operational support, information management and consulting. A team of experts at your disposal.


Human Resources

We create value through people.

Human Resources

Business Process

Flexibility, confidentiality and efficiency in service of your needs.

Business Process


Cloud computing support and technology solutions tailored to your business.

Services Platform



Our services cover every industrial sector.

The fact that flexibility and adaptability are two main features of our services, has enabled us to successfully enter into the development of processes for industries as varied as Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Telecommunications, Mining, amongst others.

Based on 20 years of experience we have focused our efforts on becoming strategic partners with our clients, by providing them with comprehensive solutions designed in accordance with their specific needs, thus enabling them to simplify their processes and increase the growth of their respective businesses.



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